4runner/Tacoma 285/70/17 (4R/T) or 285/75/16 (Tacoma) up to 0 offset

2nd gen Tundra 295/70R18 on a factory wheel (35’s will require fender pullback kit)

3rd gen Tundra 35×12.50R18 or 35×12.50R20 using a +18 to +20 offset wheel. 35×11.50 works best on factory wheel. If you choose to run a 35×12.50 on factory wheel, you will need to run a .500” wheel shim.

35” with 0 offset requires trimming of front fender liner, bracket taken out, and best to do cab mount chop.

37’s fit best on a +18 offset wheel, require fender liner trim, bracket pulled and a cab mount chop.