About Us

Westcott Designs Inc. is a company founded upon years of experience dealing with a wide variety of aftermarket products and designing solutions to overcome the shortcomings of those products. We build high quality aftermarket products that overcome those shortcomings.


We build top quality racks that are superior to anything available on the market. Our racks provide users the flexibility to switch out swing arms for various accessories. Also, we include as a standard in our racks many components that other suppliers provide only as “options” at additional cost. Those standard components include: the ability to tow, to add lights to the existing tabs, to carry a high lift jack, and to add utility and water jugs. Our racks also include, multiple tie down locations to secure tires, coolers or other accessories carried on the racks. The racks are very user friendly and all come with our exclusive patent-pending anti-wobble wedge design. This locks the rack into the receiver and substantially eliminates movement while traveling. We feel that this is simply the best engineered and well thought out design to ever be implemented into a rack of this nature. ALL MADE IN USA.


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