The TRD Pro series from Toyota are some of the best off road vehicles on the market. They have great performance, plenty of room inside, and are affordable. TRD Pros can be even better with a few custom made accessories from Westcott Designs! We have a wide selection of parts to help you make your TRD Pro stand out from the crowd.

TRD Pro Lift Kits

When shopping lift kits for your Toyota, weighing all the options can quickly become overwhelming. You first need to know what a lift kit does. A lift kit is a collection of parts that are installed to increase the height of your vehicle. These parts can be anything from coil over to leaf suspension components. The purpose of a lift kit is to allow you to have more clearance for off-roading, which can help make driving in rough terrain easier and safer. A lift kit can also increase the aesthetic look and feel of your truck.

In addition to providing better ground clearance, lift kits also offer other benefits such as improved handling and a tighter ride overall. Not to mention easier access to maintenance items like oil filters and service drain plugs.

Installing your own lift kit depends on what type of suspension you have. Some require professional installation while others are relatively easy enough for anyone who is comfortable working on cars. Installation costs vary depending on what kind of vehicle you're working with but it generally costs between $500-$1,000 dollars per wheel/axle setup depending on whether it's being done by professionals or DIY enthusiasts!

At Westcott Designs we offer lift kits to fit all of Toyota’s TRD Pro fleet, including the multiple generations of the Sequoia, Tundra, Tacoma and 4Runner.The Westcott Designs preload collar lift kits for trucks and SUVs help raise your TRD Pro by suspending its frame, engine, body, and powertrain above the wheels. Typically used on 4WD vehicles, our aftermarket suspension kits will provide your Toyota with valuable extra inches of ground clearance. This will enhance your experience traveling off-road and look totally badass!

Browse our selection of aftermarket suspension kits for trucks or SUVs today and find one right for you.

TRD Pro Hitch Mounts

Westcott Designs offers TRD Pro hitch mounts that are made from high-strength, lightweight steel and are designed to look great and give the functionality you need. They're easy to install, made in the USA, and available to be shipped right to your front door. Our hitch mounts are made for spare tires, coolers, bikes and even Traeger Smoker to make for the ultimate tailgate setup. Check out our line of universal hitch mounts.

TRD Pro Sliders

Your TRD Pro can be protected with a good pair of sliders. Whether you’re taking your truck off-road or just cruising the city streets all day, our durable truck rock sliders offer unparalleled protection from rocks and other debris. At Westcott Designs, we manufacture high-quality truck rock sliders that are superior to other aftermarket rock slider bars on the market. Not only does the high quality stand up to off road abuse but they allow for easy access when getting in and out of the vehicle. Westcott Designs carries a wide range of sliders to fit almost any generation of Toyota truck or SUV.

TRD Pro Roof Racks. Bed Racks & Ladders

Modify your TRD Pro further with one of our custom made roof, bed racks or ladder for you 4Runner. These racks not only look good but they allow up to 200lbs of weight to be carried on top of your vehicle. Roof Racks are a great way to add extra storage, whether you're off-roading or just driving around town. The roof rack opens up a world of possibilities for storing items that would otherwise be too cumbersome to transport in your TRD Pro cargo area. Westcott Designs carries a wide range of Roof Racks. Bed Racks & Ladders.

Here are some accessories and parts that your TRD Pro can accessorize with at Westcott Designs

Here are some accessories and parts that we make right here in the USA.

  • TRD Pro Lifts Kits

  • TRD Pro Ladders

  • TRD Pro Hitch Mounts

  • TRD Pro Roof Racks

  • TRD Pro Sliders

  • TRD Pro Bed Racks

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