Westcott Designs Looking to Steal the Show with Custom “Moab Edition” 2024 Toyota Land  Cruiser at Overland Expo Pacific Northwest 

Redmond, Oregon, June 28, 2024 – Westcott Designs, a leading innovator in off-road and  overlanding manufacturing and design, has once again set a new standard with the  introduction of their custom-built “Moab Edition” 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser at this year’s  Overland Expo Pacific Northwest. 

This amazing build features a range of cutting-edge accessories designed, engineered, and  manufactured by Westcott Designs in Phoenix, Arizona. Highlights include: 

  • Lift Kit: Engineered to enhance ground clearance and handling on challenging  terrains, this kit combines aesthetics with functionality. 
  • Roof Rack: A versatile system ideal for mounting adventure gear, offering strength  and flexibility for various overlanding needs.
  • Rock Sliders: Precision-built to protect the Land Cruiser’s body and chassis,  ensuring durability and confidence on rough trails. 
  • Molle Panels
  • A-Pillar Ditch Light Brackets: Equipped with two 4” 360 RGBW Off-Road Lights. Modular Tire Hitch Rack 
  • Full Rear Hatch Ladder 
  • Lighting Options: Ten 4” Rigid Industries 360 RGBW Off-Road Lights on the roof  rack’s visor. 

First showcased at Overland Expo in Flagstaff, this latest iteration of the Moab Edition  comes with additional enhancements for the 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser, captivating  attendees at the PNW Overland Expo. 

For a video recap of Overland Expo WEST in Flagstaff, click here. 

More info on the Moab Edition 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser by Westcott Designs CLICK HERE Experience Innovation at Overland Expo 

Overland Expo, a premier event for adventure travel and off-road enthusiasts, serves as the  perfect venue for Westcott Designs to demonstrate their craftsmanship and innovative  approach to vehicle customization. Attendees are invited to explore the Moab Edition Land  Cruiser and engage with Jeff Westcott to learn more about their latest products and the  customization process. 

GMC AT4X by Westcott DesignsIn the Spotlight: GMC 2500 Overland Rig

In addition to the Land Cruiser, Westcott Designs will also present a custom GMC 2500  overlanding rig at the Toyo Tires (booth #A41). This vehicle showcases Westcott’s design  and fabrication expertise, made possible with partners such as Toyo Tires, Rigid Industries,  Fox Suspension, Factor 55, Warn, Banks, INNOV8, GFC, and DV8. 

Matte Black 2024 Toyota Land Cruiser – Special Moab Edition Build Sheet Breakdown: 

  • Front Suspension: 2nd Gen TRD PRO front strut with custom shock shaft bushing,  providing 3.5” lift. 
  • Upper Control Arm: 2024 Tacoma TRD PRO billet aluminum. 
  • Rear Lift: Old Man Emu 722x spring with .75 lift and 2022-24 Tundra TRD PRO  shock. 
  • Wheels: Innov8 Racing G400 in bronze metallic. 
  • Tires: Toyo Open Country M/T 37×12.5×17 in A E Load Rating 10 Ply Rock Sliders: Westcott Designs 20-degree Rock Sliders. .120 wall DOM tig, custom  finished in gloss black. 
  • Roof Rack: Westcott Designs Low profile, modular design with bronze finish and  signature bottle openers including an all-new 10-light visor featuring ten 4” Rigid 360  RGBW LED Off-Road Lights. 
  • A-Pillar Ditch Light Brackets: Westcott Designs A-Pillar Ditch Light Brackets Featuring the 4” 360 RGBW LED Off-Road Lights. 
  • Full Rear-Hatch Ladder: Westcott Designs Full Rear-Hatch Ladder for the All-New  2024 Land Cruiser. 
  • Wrap: Clear Matte PPF with some Gloss Black Accents 

About Westcott Designs 

Westcott Designs specializes in premium off-road vehicle modifications, offering custom  fabrication and comprehensive installation services. Committed to quality and innovation,  Westcott Designs transforms vehicles into adventure-ready machines. 

Media Contact: 

Jason Tiek
Westcott Designs