Why You Need A Spare Tire Hitch Mount

A spare tire hitch mount is a must for any serious off -road enthusiasts with oversized tires. The main purpose is to carry a spare tire for your vehicle. When you have oversized tires, storing a spare inside can be next to impossible. This is where a good heavy duty tire hitch mount comes in handy to allow for spare tire storage on the outside of the vehicle.

You never know when you’ll need to use your spare. Tires can be damaged in many ways from tire cuts, punctures, and even regular wear by driving over potholes or bumping into curbs. Having the right size space is crucial when it comes to using your spare. Replacing a flat with a different sized tire can lead to major issues. Having a matching spare for your oversized tires is imperative when going off-road.

Not many people carry spare tires today, maybe because of the convenience of roadside services. However, relying blindly on professional help can come back to bite you if you’re in the middle of nowhere with no signals. For this reason, it is necessary always to carry a spare tire.

What is a Spare Tire Hitch Mount

Storing an oversized spare tire in the car might not be possible for people driving SUVs or wagons. You won’t be able to manage space for other things or people. Tires these days can be massive. The weight alone of one tire can be hard for any one person to handle. Don’t think of trying to shove it into your hatchback.

As the name suggests, it is a piece of hardware used to mount extra tires at the backside of the vehicle. Westcott Designs’ mounts are constructed from heavy-duty metal capable enough to support a weight of 300 pounds. Spare tire hitch mounts are available in different sizes with a variety of max weight options to choose from. Westcott Designs has a premium collection of reliable spare tire hitch mounts. With the sturdy Westcott Designs spare tire hitch mount, rest assured that almost any sized wheel will fit securely and safely onto the mount with ease.

Benefits of a Spare Tire Hitch Mount

Still not convinced if a spare tire hitch mount is a considerable option? Then check out the benefits mentioned below, as they’ll show you why mounting a tire is more feasible than throwing it in the backseat.

  • Save Space
  • Easy Access
  • Swing Out Design

The spare tire hitch mount comes in handy and saves space inside the vehicle. Our tire mount requires minimum effort to remove from the mount, thanks to its design. All Westcott Designs spare tire hitch mounts swing out and away from the vehicle allowing access in and out of the vehicle.


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